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Greed has once again gotten the best of Wario but, this time, he’s seeking his riches in the video game industry!

With a penny-pinching eye on development costs, Wario and his friends in Diamond City have put together a batch of hundreds of micro-sized games covering every genre thinkable. Players must finish each one in rapid succession without making too many mistakes. The number of games players must clear will go up, as players progress through the game.


  • Get ready for the most frantic game play ever with more than 200 lightning-quick micro-games you simply can't put down!
  • Sharpen your reflexes as you blaze through a seemingly never-ending supply of retro classics, sports games, sci-fi shooters and much, much more.
  • Meet a group of wacky new developers working for Wario, including Dr. Crygor, Dribble & Spitz, Mona, Kat & Ana, and more.
  • Engage in a boss battle after clearing a certain number of games, at which point you will unlock a new developer.

Game Review

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Martin Watts

Fun incorporated

Ever since its first foray into the video game market, Nintendo has been known for the incredible amount of creativity it brings to the medium. Innovative ideas – whether they add a pleasing minor touch or groundbreaking gameplay feature – have to...

Game Review

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No time to catch your breath

Nintendo has made its name in the games industry by providing tightly focused and highly polished experiences for over 20 years. Its games are always regarded as some of the best in their respective genres, so what to do when it's conquered all charted...

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FonistofCruxis said:

A great start to a great series. Its also the only Warioware game to have a different name in Europe which is Warioware inc: minigame mania.



FonistofCruxis said:

This isn't the same as the Gamecube warioware. They have the same micro-games but this is still a very differnt game. Warioware inc: mega party games on GC had the best multi-player in the series but its single player is lacking compared to other games in the series including this one.



StarBoy91 said:

I know. I just have more experience with the GameCube game, but I have once played the Game Boy Advance one years ago when I was visiting a friend



Dublubby said:

I loved this game on my battered Gameboy, and I still love it now that I can play it on my 3DS. When my mum took my 3DS away for awhile, I was dying for Wario. A really great game.

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