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Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance)

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Sonic Races to Game Boy Advance!

Developers Sonic Team have maintained the overwhelming sense of speed, adding interesting stages which lend themselves to exploration, bonuses, and a host of bizarre characters that help make up Sonic's world.

Utilising the four available characters you can run, dash, grind, climb, punch, swing and fly to help you navigate the stages. A link cable will give you access to multiplayer challenges for up to four players and you'll also be able to transfer Chao data with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the GameCube

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Posted by Jamie O'Neill


One of the few good things about being old is that sometimes you can glean satisfaction from being in the right place at the right time, where you were lucky enough to have first-hand experience of something special. Nostalgia is the bread-and-butter of...

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Knux said:

One of Sonic's best non-Genesis games, and a fantastic 2D platformer.

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