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Silent Hill Play Novel (Game Boy Advance)

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A Choose Your Own Adventure style quest based on the game Silent Hill.

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Posted by Dave Frear

Choose your own survival horror

A popular release for the Playstation in 1999, Silent Hill saw players take control of Harry Mason – following a car accident, he awakens to find that his daughter, Cheryl, has disappeared. Naturally, Harry sets off to find her, but it soon becomes...

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KeeperBvK said:

You're not gonna review this, are you? Are you really good enough at Japanese for this?



James said:

We've previously reviewed Japanese games (though admittedly rarely), but you'll have to wait and see!



KeeperBvK said:

I know you're reviewed Japanese games before, but they weren't exactly text-heavy, like Shanghai games and the likes. And Sean admitted to use online translators for the Japanese VC update news so I'm not sure he (as your Japan expert, I assume) could review a visual novel. That's all I'm saying.



James said:

We actually have someone else lined up to review this one, but don't worry - it'll be up to our usual standards.

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