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Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Game Boy Advance)

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It is the dawn of a new age…

… and the heroes of Golden Sun have been abandoned. Now, the world is falling into darkness. A new band of adventurers are the world's final hope… but they may also be its doom. Pursued by the heroes of the original Golden Sun, they must race to complete their quest before the world becomes lost to the ages.

  • Unleash new Summons! With even more magic and Summon attacks at your command, you'll have everything you need to light the world in this time of darkness.
  • Continue your quest or start anew! If you completed the original Golden Sun, transfer your power-up party into Golden Sun: The Lost Age. However, even if you're new to the series, Golden Sun: The Lost Age makes the perfect first step on your epic journey!
  • Go head-to-head with a friend! Link up with a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable (sold separately) and challenge a friend's party in a one-on-one test of might!

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Posted by Lewis Childs

The Return of the Prodigal Sun

Back in 2001 (2002 in Europe) some players were left feeling short-changed when Golden Sun reached its abrupt ending. Developer Camelot – perhaps better known for the Shining Force series – had to split the game into two parts due to the Game Boy...

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pixelman said:

I own this, but I haven't started it since I never managed to finish the first one. I wonder, does it have the atrociously excessive amount of dialog like the first one does?



Ninten said:

It still has a lot of dialogue, although you can skip it much faster by holding the B button.



Noire said:

Review: This game owns you, your face, your mom, your dad, and everything you hold dear, and your eternal soul. And cookies. Yes... it owns cookies.

Jenna/10 (which is of course the highest rating i can give for anything)

You can all go home now. No scratch that, buy this, and then go home. Because... it owns your home.



Drayven said:

I personally loved "Golden Sun: The Lost Age" the most of the three titles only because not only was it portaying the other side of the story, but it was more than four times longer and had so much more side-quests and updated items. "Dark Dawn" was my second favorite because it was an new generation as well as a longer time frame between TLA. The origional Golden Sun was my least favorite... I did however love the first time I played it and the ninth time I played it. But it was very short and had too much dialogue. I guess a game like this needed the text- and still does in order to fully understand the amazing story. my personal rating on the three games are...
GS - 8.0/10 GS:TLA - 9.5/10 GS:DD - 8.5/10

I am in the middle of writing my second fan-based novel of the series which takes place sixteen years before the first game. I thought of many different possabilities for a good title, and after almost finishing my first book I called it "Silver Moon: Dawn of Alchemy". It might sound kinda odd to some readers on here, but in my story the "Silver Moon" is the power which seals the djinni's in Sol Sanctum at the end of the first book. I am also in the midst of creating a site that is based on my works, other users forums/Ideas and Golden Sun discussion. I also have a full-detailed walkthrough with graphic maps that I have been working on for the first two games since 2005 for every user to see!. Sorry for this long post, I just wanted to throw that out there and see what comes back. :)



Light4566 said:

I love this game! I own the first golden sun, this one and golden sun dark dawn for ds! I love the series my fav party to use involves these combinations:
Felix, Jenna, Ivan, Mia
Isaac, Jenna, Ivan Mia,
Isaac, Jenna, Felix, Mia,



SchamMan89 said:

I'm surprised this hasn't gotten a review yet. Good game! An improvement on the original, and way better than its weak DS sequel.

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