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Welcome to Dinosaur Planet, once a primordial paradise, now a world torn apart by an evil dinosaur named General Scales. Sections of the planet have been ripped from the surface and flung into low orbit. The General and his legions of mutated dinosaurs are running wild.

Enter Fox McCloud. As the planet's only hope, he finds himself facing a brand new challenge in Star Fox® Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, a joint development from the award-winning game creators at Rare and Nintendo exclusively for NINTENDO GAMECUBE.

What begins with Fox's discovery of a magical staff soon unfolds into an epic adventure spanning the length and breadth of this shattered world. Players will battle enemies, fly Arwing missions, ride on the backs of enormous dinosaurs, and team up with a new sidekick, Prince Tricky.

Fans of the Star Fox series will see a new side to their favorite hero as Fox McCloud finally leaves his Arwing to take on enemies hand to hand.

See it all in detail with ground-breaking graphics made possible by the technology of NINTENDO GAMECUBE, which allows players to become immersed in atmospheric environments and interact with incredibly detailed dinosaurs in a lush prehistoric world teeming with life.

By fully utilizing the new NINTENDO GAMECUBE controller, the magical staff with its many combat moves and transformations becomes the ultimate weapon, taking players to a new dimension of gameplay.

"Bringing dinosaurs to life in a lush world is a definite challenge, but the power of NINTENDO GAMECUBE makes it happen in this exciting game," says Peter Main, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Nintendo of America Inc. "The outstanding story and incredible visuals make this title an adventure for all ages."

Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet picks up the action eight years after Fox McCloud, the best pilot in the Lylat System, defeated Andross. His team has since been disbanded - Falco is pursuing a solo career; Slippy's working in research and development; and Peppy has retreated to the calmer life of mission support. Ultimately it is Fox alone who must address the plight of Dinosaur Planet.

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Posted by Thomas Bowskill

Play as Fox McCloud as you liberate the inhabitants of Dinosaur Planet and uncover the sinister truth.

Fox McCloud, unrivalled Arwing pilot, takes his first steps on land when he visits Dinosaur Planet. Our hero receives a distress call and — like all good foxes — decides to investigate, discovering the planet's evil ruler, General Scales. The other...

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motang said:

One of my favorite GC games! I wish there were more like this one.



RegalSin said:

They took Dinosaur planet, turned it into an girl. Revamp "Team Starfox" and filled in the gaps. I mean seriously I see why they did this? Rareware knew this game would not sell or be collectable for any reason at all. Just some random blue-fox guy in an dino-world.

Honestly this game was probably one of the most cheesiest piece of garbage I have ever played. All that we got from this was girlish half naked British talking fox woman to stare at. That is it.

Fox-Mcloud sighing WAS THE ENTIRE GAME. I mean why am I playing this game? Why OH I KNOW BECAUSE STARFOX could really careless about who is in control of Dinosaur planet at all, and what the problem is. Just hey lets save the fox-girl because maybe just maybe he could pass on his genes to his own kind. HA HA HA HA HA. "I don't know how to thank you Fox". Then Peppy is like "Fox, are you okay Fox".

SSsssssssssssssssiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhh ( Fox playing an mini-game of Donkey Kong on an icy slop ). HA HA HAHAHAH
This game is replayable because it is that cheezy rubbish.

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