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An unseen supernatural power prowls the hallways, laboratories and chambers of a shadowy corporate compound, terrorizing living beings wherever it lurks. That unseen power is YOU! Prepare for a hauntingly innovative first-person adventure with a supernatural twist!

  • Haunt and horrify humans and animals as a ghost, possess their physical bodies and assume their identities. Possess a dog and scamper around the compound, bypassing security. Possess a guard and use his own assault rifle against your enemies. Inhabit a camera or computer and use the technology to your benefit. Exploit the unique abilities and equipment of your victims to access and explore new areas of the compound, solve puzzles and unravel your own ghostly fate.
  • Inventive multiplayer modes combine fierce first-person combat with unique character possession game play. Choose from Possession Death Match, Capture the Host and Hunt modes for a variety of shocking supernatural matches that highlight the distinctive possession aspects of the game.

Game Storyline: You are John Raimi, a disease-control agent with the federal government, on loan to an elite counterterrorism unit. Your team is sent to investigate the shadowy Volks Corporation. When the operation goes horribly wrong, you are captured and subjected to a ghastly experiment that rips your spirit from your physical body. You now roam the halls of the Volks Corporation compound as a spectral phantom, using your powers to scare and possess any human or animal that crosses your path.

If you're going to have any hope of finding your own body, you must employ your hair-raising power of possession to control humans, animals and objects, using the abilities of each to explore the compound, solve puzzles and strike at your enemies. Who is Alexander Volks and what are his ultimate goals? And who is the mysterious Ghost Girl? Why does she haunt the Volks Corporation and why does she help you? Along the way, you must discover the secret of the Volks Corporation to unravel the mystery of your condition and find a way to recover your human form.

Characters: John Raimi

How to progress through the game: As a powerful specter, you can deviously manipulate objects in the environment to scare humans and animals. Once you have struck terror in the heart of your prey, you can possess and control their physical bodies and use them to accomplish your objectives. Possess many unique character types, and use their unique skills, equipment and even memories to complete your goals. Possession targets range from heavily-armed soldiers to dogs and mice that can reach out-of-the-way areas. Different characters react to the world from different perspectives: As an engineer, you may have access to restricted areas and computers, while as a mouse you may find yourself inexplicitly drawn to mouse traps baited with cheese.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: As a ghost, you are invisible to humans and move so fast that everything around you appears in slow motion. While in this phantom form, you can effortlessly pass through chain-link fences or through small cracks in walls. Most importantly, you can possess everyday objects like lights, computers and fire extinguishers and manipulate them to terrify nearby humans or animals. Once a living creature has been frightened, you can possess and control its body. As you play, you'll need to face challenges from two unique angles -- as a lurking spirit and as a possessed human or animal.

Players can possess both objects and living hosts to accomplish their goals. Objects include light fixtures, gun turrets, missiles, ladders and keypads, while living hosts include rabbits, dogs, mice and heavily armed soldiers. Players use the unique abilities of each host to get past obstacles or to gain knowledge to advance in the game. An engineer might fix a broken mechanism, a medic might have the knowledge of healing or a security guard might have access to get you into restricted areas. Find the best host for the job.

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Posted by Dave Letcavage

A Ghost of the Past

Nintendo doesn’t have much of a history when it comes to publishing mature-rated games. In fact, they had never directly released an M-rated game before they published the critically acclaimed Eternal Darkness for the GameCube in 2002. So when it was...

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bro2dragons said:

fantastic game. extraordinarily underrated. get it if you find it. $3.99 at Gamestop.



spzero15 said:

This is a great game, a fun story, and good action. Kind of like an updated Avenging Spirit from the Gameboy.

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