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Mole Mania (Game Boy)

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Help Muddy solve the puzzles of Jinbe Land!

Join Muddy Mole in a race to destroy enemies and obstacles in an attempt to defeat the evil farmer, Jinbe. Blast strategic exits using black balls and tunnel your way to the next action-packed level.

Help Muddy solve the incredible puzzles of Jinbe Land and reunite him with his beloved mole family. You'll dig the fast pace and challenging fun of Mole Mania!

  • Get into the mania above ground and tunnel underground through 175 challenging puzzles!
  • Play alone as Muddy Mole or link up with the Game Link cable for 2-player, head-to-head fun!
  • Battery-backed memory saves your progress

Can you solve the puzzles of Jinbe Land?

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Posted by Philip J Reed

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Poor Muddy Mole has returned home to find his family kidnapped by the evil farmer Jinbe. That's the entire plot, and we're happy about that. After all, Mole Mania isn't about storytelling; it's about a massive gauntlet of clever puzzles, and that's...

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bro2dragons said:

Never played the game, so I have no idea how it's done, but these screen shots remind me of Link's Awakening...



Nintenbro said:

Hmmm... For some reason, the level designs/layouts remind me of Bomberman. I know, strange, right?



Squiggle55 said:

I know absolutely nothing about this game, but I am going to pick it up based on the screenshots and the name Miyamoto alone.



eirikr said:

I am really surprised by this game, I just played 4 levels of 8. It is an awesome title, deep and not so easy to beat. Jinbe (The villain farmer) looks like Wario for some reason. They should revive this game with a new Mole Mania 3D for example or something new, the puzzles are great. I would never judge this game by its black and white graphics. It is completely a must have.

I give a 10 out of 10 undoubtedly.

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