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Dragon Warrior Monsters (GB / Game Boy)

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Become the ultimate Monster Master and win the Starry Night Tournament!

Welcome to Dragon Warrior Monsters! Here, within the world of GreatTree, you'll not only battle your way through multilevel quests, but also breed and raise the most powerful monsters possible so you can achieve the title of Master Monster Tamer and represent GreatTree in the Starry Night Tournament.

Those gamers who spent countless hours questing in the previous Dragon Warrior titles will find many familiar faces. Defeating these characters will allow you to amass more powerful monster and continue in your quest to rescue your sister, Milayou.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Does this monster-hunting spin off live up to the Dragon Quest name?

It's always a risky proposition when you create a spin-off of an already established and popular franchise, so when Enix decided to take the theme of their hugely popular Dragon Quest series and build a monster-hunting title around it, some RPG fans were...

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Corbs said:

I agree. One of the biggest surprises I've ever purchased and a game that I still pick up and play quite often to this very day.



Digiki said:

I rebeat it a few months ago using only slime family members, Spotking was too good. Shame it only has one save, I miss my full library current file has 146/215, I still have a decent number of gates left to beat, since I just took out Master Monster Tamer as soon as I was strong enough, then stopped playing.

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