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A fun way to learn world topography. Impress your friends at school and explore the atlas covering five continents.

Meet professor Topoloco. He's absolutely crazy about topography, and he's glad to have you in his world topography class. For each of the five continents he covers, you can practice your skills in a series of minigames, including locating cities and countries and dragging flags. Practice as much as you want to prepare for a final exam that you can take whenever you think you're ready. Topoloco is both a fun topography learning game and a digital atlas for all ages.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

It may be a map, but it's no legend

Congratulations are in order for Abstraction Games: it released a topography game that's even less fun that it sounds. Topoloco almost deserves an award for just how much it gets entirely wrong. Before you read the rest of this review, know that we didn't...

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emiru69 said:

I will wait for the review. I feel like I should buy this game my knowledge of Geography is almost embarrassing... +_+

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