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Rhythm Core Alpha is an advanced music creation system for the Nintendo DSi.

It is designed for creating and performing live music in-front of an audience; an electronic instrument designed for PERFORMING!

Rhythm Core Alpha’s 2D solo mode allows one to play the screen by drawing with the stylus. The key and scale can be set so that one can never hit a wrong note! You can even play the drums from the DSi screen!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Catchy beat or sour note?

We've seen a wide variety of music creations applications released for computers over the years, ranging from simple point-and-click programs that anyone can use to high-end music creation tools for professional musicians. With the release of Rhythm Core...

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21st January 2011 (Europe)

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News: Improved Rhythm Core Alpha Hitting PAL Regions Next Week

Improved Rhythm Core Alpha Hitting PAL Regions Next Week

Music to Europe, UK, and Australia's ears

Last August saw the NA release of the music creation application Rhythm Core Alpha from SoftEgg Enterprises. While the rest of the world is still waiting on a localized version to hit their DSi Shop, the developer has recently revealed that it's almost here and with it come numerous improvements over the original release. Launching in Europe, the United..

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News: Shake to the Rhythm Core Alpha on Monday

Shake to the Rhythm Core Alpha on Monday

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Fed up of waiting for Rytmik's North American launch on August 23rd? Console yourself that SoftEgg Enterprises is filling the musical void with its new title, Rhythm Core Alpha, due to launch on DSiWare next week for 500 Points. Whereas Rytmik is designed for constant musical tweaking and fine-tuning, Rhythm Core Alpha's strong suit is live musical performing, with a wealth of..

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Shane904 said:

Soooo spending my left over 500 Points on this (providing the reviews are decent)

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