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Enemies have come in search of your Treasure, Captain!

Pirates Assault is tower defense game that brings a little twist to the genre. A treasure must be protected, and to accomplish that you have to build the best defense strategy. Even if some pieces of the treasure are stolen, they can be retrieved as long as the enemy that stole your treasure is on the screen and alive. If the enemy is sunk, that piece of treasure can’t be recovered.

Game features:
Use rum to buy weapons usable on land or sea, to protect your treasure!
Upgrade your weapons, rob rum ships to gain currency.
Send your enemies straight to Davie Jones's locker,
by releasing Godlike destruction on them with a devastating storm attack.

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Stealing your money in more ways than one

CIRCLE Entertainment has carved out a fanbase for itself with the DSiWare crowd, due in large part to the consistently excellent Castle Conqueror series. It's had a few misfires along the way — see The Seller — but, by and large, gamers have been able...

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Flowerlark said:

As soon as I saw 'Pirates' I got excited, but this looks terrible. Yet another TD game and yet another cheap cirle ent. installment. Me and Circle don't have a good track record.



workerbot said:

This game is apparently coming to North America via DSi download on Thursday March 15th.

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