Nintendo Countdown Calendar Screenshot
Nintendo Countdown Calendar Screenshot
Nintendo Countdown Calendar Screenshot


Release Date


  • 20th Sep 2010, 200 points (USA)
  • 19th Nov 2010, 200 points (UK/EU)
  • 2nd Dec 2009 (JPN)

About This Game

With Nintendo Countdown Calendar, you can add and track all of your important events in a fun and exciting countdown format.

Simply set up your personal profile and then start entering events. Adding events is easy: Choose a date for the event, decide whether it will be an open event (which you name yourself) or a set event (chosen from the School, Work or General Events categories), and select an icon from the wide variety of available options. If necessary, you can set the recurrence of the event or even move the event to the Hidden Events List. From there, the calendar does the rest - just watch the days count down! On subsequent visits to the application, you may see special greetings or suggested seasonal events you can choose to add to your calendar. All events added to the calendar are displayed chronologically, so you can quickly view all of your upcoming events in one place.