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Second game in the series to be released in North America, “Mysterious Stars: The Samurai” bring us to the Edo period in Japan.

Follow the story of a wandering Samurai who lost his master when the feudal lord was replaced.

In order to have a place to stay in, he traded all his belongings, even his Katana and therefore can’t be useful as a Samurai anymore.
The young Kosuke who’s dream is to become a samurai and the sly Saizo will be part of events that will change his life. You too, be part of it by helping him.

Based on the game that everyone played at least one time in their life, Connect the Dots or also called Dot-to-Dot.

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper


The DSi’s touchscreen-and-stylus setup has inspired an impressive array of pen-and-paper puzzle conversions over the years, and this trend seems set to continue right into DSiWare’s twilight days. Collavier’s Mysterious Stars trilogy, as the most...

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