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Depart to the conquest of the world’s biggest fishing spots and bring back with you the rarest species.

Adjust your fish tanks and change the parameters of the water in order to make your fishes happy to be there.

Like real fishes, they will need good care!

Tropical and River fishes, mammals like dolphins and whales, many fishing spots to discover, various others fishermen to meet and a lot of objects and effects to decorate your fish tanks.

You can even exchange fishes and fishing notes with your friends!

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Fishing for something more

Back in the heyday of the WiiWare service, an application titled My Aquarium was made available to all Wii owners through the digital distribution platform. It was so well received — as is evidenced by our review — that a second version was soon...

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2Sang said:

This may be the last dsiware title I ever get if it gets a good rating.

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