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“One will be able to perform the soundtrack of the best classic video games how they originally sounded” - said Alberto Gonzalez, producer at Abylight and responsible for over 40 original video game soundtracks since 1989

· Interface inspired by the 80s
· Selection of keyboard, console and computer sounds from the 80s
· Rhythms inspired by the first generation videogames

And also featuring:
· Automatic accompaniment function with chord recognition
· Up to 8 user definable chords
· 5 different styles, each one with 4 variations
· Independent drum, bass and chorus parts
· 6 octave keyboard (2 visible)
· Pitch bend function
· 16 instruments
· Integrated sequencer
· Metronome
· Recording and replay option

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Posted by James Newton

A step up

We've already seen Abylight's Music On: Electronic Keyboard application for DSiWare, a decent but flawed attempt at putting a keyboard in your pocket. Now the company's back with Music On: Retro Keyboard, and although it shares the first game's finer...

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