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Transform your Nintendo DSi™ system into an incredible electric guitar and your stylus into a pick.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to play your favorite songs, even if music isn’t your thing. Pedals include Distortion, Flanger and Delay. The Advanced Play Screen is great for melodies, arpeggios and chord variations. Enjoy 32 definable chords on the control pad. Discover more than 950 chords in all and save up to 10 sessions.

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Posted by Bryan Griffin

It's electric!

There are distinct advantages to an electric versus an acoustic guitar, such as being able to play for a larger audience using an amplifier. Unfortunately, a title that emulates the instrument on your DSi won’t offer any of these advantages, with the...

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yodude said:

Great job, I wish it had a save funtion for the chord progression that I make up and some type of built in drum feature, but I really enjoy this despite that. I hooked up my DSI to my ihome and really cranked the volume, sounded great. This is a title I tend to always go back to to mess around with. I would give it a 10/10, especially at 2 dollars or perhaps a better rating would be a 11/10 (Spinal Tap joke).

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