Mighty Milky Way (DSiWare)

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Are you ready to pulse some planets and soar through space?

With a pocket full of planet candy and a heart full of ennui, green-skinned cutie-pie Luna needs your help to accomplish her secret mission! Prepare for fever-pitched puzzles in another mighty game from WayForward!

Luna uses her magical staff to create and destroy planets on a whim. Explode vicious space monsters, avoid sizzling electric barriers, and grab all the delicious planet candy you can. But watch out for the T-Rex, Luna’s arch-nemesis! His laser eyes are matched only by the awkwardness of his and Luna’s sketchy past.

But enough incessant blathering! Let’s stare into the sun with stoic tears and embrace the roiling chaos that is life!


  • Brought to you by the brilliant minds that produced A Boy and his Blob, Contra 4!
  • Over 40 action puzzle stages that titillate the brain and tantalize the thumbs.
  • Use the DSi to its fullest! Pulse planets using the stylus and observe the action on both screens!
  • Face off against the laser-equipped-yet-misunderstood cybernetic T-Rex at the end of each world!
  • Sexy art and a secret mode await the mightiest planet hoppers!
  • A preponderance of fun and existential French dialog phrases!
  • Enjoy myriad interstitial vignettes of Luna and the T-Rex’s everyday life!
  • Vocal Songs including a choral T-Rex anthem and a J-Pop ballad.

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Très amusant

WayForward's first DSiWare release Mighty Flip Champs was arguably the first must-have title for the service, and given the game's popularity it's understandable that fans have been clamouring for a sequel ever since. But rather than create a direct...

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Here is the official gameplay trailer for Wayforward's new DSiWare release Mighty Milky Way

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_mikero_ said:

It's been rated... so hopefully, it won't be too long before it's released!



winter123 said:

Flip champs was amazing need this right nowwwwww. I have 11 dollars stuck on my DSi i need to use so this is just what i needed. Wait why am i still here typing?



Chaoz said:

Why wasn't this on the WayForward sale? I never got the chance to play this.

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