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It's time to put on your thinking cap and see how many of the hundreds of puzzles you can solve in Mega Words.

Three classic puzzlers are included in this puzzle pack: Word Scrambler, Anagram Hunt and Hangman. There's no need for erasers here! These portable editions feature extensive dictionaries to challenge novices and expert players alike. See how fast you can unscramble words, sharpen your vocabulary and stretch your mind with Mega Words.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

If by "mega" you mean "bland"

If it's simple word puzzles you want, then by golly, it's simple word puzzles you'll get with Mega Words. It'll put your vocabulary to the test across its three game types, sure, but in the most basic way possible.Anagrams plunks down a handful of tiles...

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flowerchild said:

Looks like a good one, but we already got Hangman. Couldn't they put a different game instead of Hangman? Pfffftttt....

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