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It is the greatest sporting event of 2010 - the World Cup! All eyes are on South Africa, all EARS are on you - in the karaoke game of the year!

Enter the hallowed turf and display your talent by singing the National Anthems! There are 5 National Anthems to choose from: Germany, England, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Just sing into the Nintendo DSi microphone! So, lace up your boots and step out onto the pitch - to sing!

Note: The North American version instead includes the national anthems of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Japan and the United States.

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Posted by James Newton


How many national anthems can you sing? We're guessing you can comfortably sing your own country's anthem most of the way through, but you would probably struggle with any other country's. That's why the premise of Just Sing! National Anthems is so...

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Bobpie said:

Why yes, it is the second game in the` series.
But REALLY? They made ANOTHER ONE?!?! WHY???




It will offer more challenge by making you learn 5 different languages to actually play!

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