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You're the star – prepare yourself for the next edition of Christmas karaoke! Holiday classics “We Wish you a Merry Christmas“ and “Deck the Halls” are waiting for you!

You’ll enter the festively decorated stage in a fancy Santa’s costume. While singing into the Nintendo DSi microphone you’ll immediately catch the magical Christmas spirit! Hit all the right notes and sing in time to the beat to reach the top of the highscores list!

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Another lump of coal for this year's stockings

Last Christmas, the European DSiWare service received the karaoke title Just Sing! Christmas Songs. As you might expect, it featured a Christmas theme and asked you to sing along, but it only included two songs and proved itself as nothing more than a...

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paperskyx said:

Oh my, another one? Really? How could they make ANOTHER one? This looks terrible.

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