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Jam Space: PocketStudio for the Nintendo DSi system puts the power of a recording studio in your pocket.

You can compose tracks, jot down ideas and be musical no matter where you are. Choose from two modes. Quick Jam mode allows you to lay down tracks quickly and easily using natural instrument interfaces. This is a great mode if you've got a little melody you want to record and want to get it down quickly.

Studio mode gives you access to a full-featured MIDI editor that lets you tweak and hone your compositions to a professional level. If you want to dig deep and really work on that masterpiece, this is the mode for you.

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

Dance club calibre headaches without the fun

Among the applications that have made it to DSiWare so far is a handful of music mixing and writing programs, none of which are particularly bad. From the mighty Rytmik and its rockin' follow-up to the slightly more basic but still solid Rhythm Core...

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lilting, shooting, Riding and more

There's a definite musical theme to this week's downloads, with a dubstep racer/puzzler, DSiWare singing, another portable music studio and a violin game (yes, really), as well as plenty of other non-melodic goodies. WiiWare: lilt line (Gaijin Games, 500pts) – It's that rarest of occurrences: an iPhone-to-WiiWare...

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CyXBeAtZ said:

Let me be the first to say.. Rip off! so dont get ripped off v.v
the midi editor gives you 5 instruments to work with each of which are all "midi sounds!!"
Midi sounding. midi midi midi nuuuuuuu!
There was a point where i couldnt take it no more and i
shut down the whole system in the first 3 minutes if that >.<



Doobah said:


I wish i would have read that sooner. what a sloppy mess Jam Space is. there goes $5 down the drain. i'll wait for reviews from now on.



CyXBeAtZ said:

@Doobah yea totally >.> I thought to myself i'll buy anything music, it must be good cuz it says studio.. *in Terminator voice... BIG MISTAKE! This should be freeware but then again that'd scare newbz to DSiWare.. Dont even know how Nintendo approved this one...

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