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Play the role of a pirate and set out to discover the lost treasure of Ikibago in this fascinating puzzle and action game!

Barrels of different colors move from left to right. Your objective is to align at least 3 barrels of the same color in one same column before it disappears from the screen. Use the stylus to switch the barrels while anticipating different traps!

Bonuses are available - make sure to use them carefully to succeed the 121 missions of this game!

Features • More than 120 fascinating missions

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Ahoy, mateys!

So, you’re already thinking “really? Another puzzle game? Really?” But wait! Ikibago, the latest DSiWare title from Neko Entertainment, has got pirates in it! It may be lacking in the ninja, robot, zombie and unicorn territories, but there are...

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