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Hooked on Bass Fishing is a fun and simple game that offers fishing enthusiasts the ultimate fishing experience!

To start the game, all you need to do is tap the area on the touch screen in which you want to fish. Next, cast your line and tap the touch screen as soon as a fish has taken a bite! In order to safely land your fish, slide your stylus in the appropriate direction to hoist your fish out of the water! By mixing various actions and virtual interpretations of fishing, players can enjoy the appealing aspects of fishing in a game-like way. You can also use points you have achieved from a fishing contest to purchase new rods, lines and reels. Try challenging yourself in a fishing contest to receive points!

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Posted by Tim Latshaw

Clear and shallow waters

Fishing has never promised to be a thrill-a-minute sport; there is no LeBron James of fishing, as well there shouldn’t be. There are those who take fishing as a very serious and technical endeavour, certainly, but others take a more laid-back approach:...

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Aquilalex said:

It's like a Fishing resort expansion or what? In the eshop looked like it is, because have the same pictures of that game

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