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Have you ever dreamed of having your own shop where you sell the goods to your friends?

You can make that dream come true in Happy Birthday Mart, and it’s no ordinary store. Animals come here to buy gifts for their friends. Manage and serve your customers, clean up and fix broken shelves. Happy Birthday Mart offers tons of fun in six different stores with 12 animals and 24 minigames. You can play the minigames through a separate menu screen.

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Posted by Andrew Wight

Not worth a shoplift

It’s probably safe to say that Happy Birthday Mart is a legitimate winner of the Most Childish Game on the DSiWare Store Right Now Award. From the simplistic gameplay to the mindless use of animals, it’s definitely not for anyone over the age of 6 or...

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StarDust4Ever said:

Get them ready. We might need to dig a hole to bury this, pending review, of course

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