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With Hair Salon Pocket Stylist your hairdresser will always be with you. Have fun inventing new hairstyles for the cartoon characters or for you and your friends.

Take a picture of yourself and see how you look with a new haircut and don’t forget that when you find the right style, you can save it in the Nintendo DSi album. There are thousands of combinations of styles and makeup for you to try.

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Posted by James Newton

Mane attraction or curl up and dye?

Just in case you've ever wondered what you'd look like with a head of luscious bright green hair, here's Hair Salon: Pocket Stylist to satiate your curiosity.To start, you snap a picture with your DSi camera and manoeuvre your face within the guide area,...

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jhuhn said:

North America will get this game under the title Picture Perfect Pocket Stylist. (Say that three times fast.)

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