Game & Watch Flagman Screenshot
Game & Watch Flagman Screenshot
Game & Watch Flagman Screenshot


Release Date


  • 19th Apr 2010, 200 points (USA)
  • 23rd Apr 2010, 200 points (UK/EU)
  • 15th Jul 2009 (JPN)
Game & Watch

About This Game

Experience a piece of Nintendo history with the Game & Watch series for Nintendo DSiWare. Each title is a perfect recreation of a classic LCD game from the early 1980s, including normal Game A and alternate Game B modes.

And no Game & Watch title would be complete without the ‘Watch’ function - each title includes a fully functional clock.

Flagman will challenge your memory and reflexes, as you try and remember a series of numbers in quick succession. In Game A, memorise the Flagman's sequence shown on his flags and on the bottom of his feet, within a set time. In Game B, repeat the number shown one at a time, but do it quickly!