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The sequel Extreme Hangman 2 boasts over 3000 words in 14 totally new categories, with 10 funny animations and 4 eye-catching backgrounds to choose from.

Check your skill and try to save the hangman by guessing words in three difficulty levels.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Extreme Sequel

If you’ve played the first Extreme Hangman game, then you know exactly what to expect with Extreme Hangman 2. While the word categories and visuals may have changed a bit, the core gameplay remains exactly the same. Though there is little different...

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News: Extreme Hangman 2 Trailer Fills in the Gaps

Extreme Hangman 2 Trailer Fills in the Gaps

From G__e_io_

Extreme Hangman was a sleeper hit for DSiWare, so when Gamelion announced Extreme Hangman 2 none were surprised. If you were keen to see more of what was on offer, here's the first trailer below. The sequel will contain over 3000 words in 14 brand new categories, alongside new animations of extreme hangman behaviour. The trailer explains more.

News: Gamelion Filling More DSiWare Dashes with Extreme Hangman 2

Gamelion Filling More DSiWare Dashes with Extreme Hangman 2

More words to guess

Extreme Hangman was — and still is — one of the best-selling games on DSiWare, so it's no surprise that developer Gamelion wants to bring more of the same to handheld downloaders. Extreme Hangman 2 will feature 14 new categories containing over 3,000 words, as well as more of the humorous animations that made the original such a success. The game has just been submitted to..

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flowerchild said:

Pretty cute, animated Hangman game. You get to pick the subjects that you want to use and also the way you want the Hangman to be animated. IMO, it's def. worth 200 points!

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