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This is a convenience store located in the Southern island. It has very few customers due to the low season…

The main character, who makes his living working here as a part-timer, heads for the store upon the owner's urgent request to cover for him for an hour. Neither customers, nor the owner are in the store so he decides to balance the accounts.

The hour passes without incident. But as he is leaving, he notices that something is seriously wrong. The door won't open! Plus, the store looks somehow different. Who would lock him in here? We join him as he tries to solve this mystery. Can he get out of this place!? Anyone can enjoy a genuine escape game with the series' well-known simple controls!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Convenience snore

We've already seen two Escape Trick releases on DSiWare, each taking place in a unique environment ranging from a musty prison to a oriental-themed castle. And while the games feature a point-and-click gameplay system that would seem to fit the DS touch...

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Flowerlark said:

I like this series a lot, I hope this installment will be as good as he other two. Most people call Escape Trick frustrating- I call it a refreshing challenge.



Morpheel said:

I actually enjoyed this game a lot. Though I think it was over too soon, I wanted more!

The real ending is rather ridiculous though.

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