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Everywhere in this amazing Easter Wonderland is crammed full of Easter Eggs, bunnies, sweets and fabulous toys.

Mum takes Mike and Sally to get fresh laid eggs from the farm, then they come home to paint them. Meanwhile, the Easter Bunny runs past and leaves eggs all over the backyard for them to find. Next, the family go downtown to the shopping centre, then visit Auntie Janet’s house, before going to the nearby church for the ultimate Mega Easter Egg Hunt.

Play captivating mini games such as spot-the-difference, jigsaw puzzles and many more in an Easter Eggztravaganza for all the family to enjoy.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

All cracked up

Whenever a major holiday is just around the corner, it’s no surprise that a flood of related products hit the market just in time to grab the attention of consumers. It happens with almost everything, from food to toys to lawn ornaments, and video games...

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Joygame51 said:

Not sure if this is quite my cup of tea. I'm a bit of an older gamer . But sounds cute for the younger set... 3 to 6ers...and such, maybe even 5 to 9 but not much older.

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