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Double Bloob is a cartoonish, arcade-style vertical shooter.

The planet needs you! Bloobs have invaded the Earth and took a little dolphin named Will as a hostage! Don’t let the Bloobs win! We all love arcade games. Double Bloob is one of those you immediately fall in love with. The simple story of two siblings – Aen and Niua – who, with some help of Doctor Maybe's inventions, try to set the little dolphin free is a just an excuse to have a great fun while shooting hordes of Bloobs that fly out in the sky.

The colorful 2D graphics enhances the gameplay and draws the player more into the story and the game world. In order to keep the player entertained, the game contains tons of weapons and power-ups.

Complete 8 different worlds and 48 levels to save Will from the evil Bloobs. Are ready for the confrontation? Who is going to be the winner? You or the Bloobs? Prepare yourself for loads of fun and invite your friends to beat your high scores!

  • vertical shooter
  • action arcade game
  • cartoonish look
  • 8 worlds, 48 levels

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Bloobin' boring

For those who aren't aware, Double Bloob was actually announced over four years ago as a DS retail title. After disappearing for a few of those years, the game has now resurfaced on DSiWare. It'd be easy to assume that those four years of development time...

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Joygame51 said:

I used to love space invaders!! This sounds a lot like it ... well, it does!
Gotta love an old school shoot em up !



GlasS said:

"Draw circles on the touch screen?" That...th...


I actually want this game to be good. But 'drawing circles' has LITERALLY never worked.

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