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Doodle Fit, the best-selling puzzle game, is finally here!

Your task is simple: fit the given sets of blocks into given shapes. Drag the blocks inside and outside in search for the layout that covers the whole shape. A level is complete when all blocks have been used and there's no more space free in the shape. The game features over one hundred different levels with a variety of unique shapes to play with. There are almost 550 solutions in total, which means you can enjoy near unlimited replayability.


  • Engrossing game play
  • Unique puzzle shapes
  • Several themes
  • Hints

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USA USA Version

Posted by Ron DelVillano

Near perfect fit

We all know that there is an over-abundance of puzzle games available on the DSiWare service. We also know that there are quite a few DSi and WiiWare games that were originally released as apps on the various mobile services. Miraculously, Doodle Fit is...

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Flowerlark said:

I think I might get this when it comes out... I hope there aren't time limits. I like to take my time with puzzles rather than feel rushed.

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