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The Apocalypse is upon us…

Millions of demons and monsters emerge from the earth, destroying everything in sight. Xavier, the most popular (and most evil) Death Metal rock band in the world, might be the only hope for mankind… while being the devil's nightmare.

As the most evil existence in the universe, you must find your way to hell, defeat the evil minions, and prove you are the true lord of all evil!

You have to defeat waves of monsters in each stage.

They get stronger, but you can collect fanatic energy to summon or enhance your fans, or buy powerful music equipment for the band.

Build your own dark army and destroy them all!

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Posted by James Newton

Ear piercing

If musicians really can save the world — Bob Geldof and Bono would both like you to believe they can — then it's a shame they couldn't do it in a game more interesting than Devil Band - Rock the Underworld. CIRCLE's latest essentially takes Plants vs...

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