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In Defense of the Middle Kingdom, you place stationary soldiers on the map, in an effort to halt the oncoming forces' progress.

Opposing soldiers will walk along a predetermined path, and it is therefore your mission to successfully defend your waypoint. Enemies will come in waves, trying to invade your territory. If you can keep them from reaching the end of the path, then victory is secured. If the enemies manage to slip by your defences, they will damage your defence point. If the defence point number reaches 0, then it is your defeat.

  • Tower defence game!
  • Chinese history!
  • Epic story from the Three Kingdoms!

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

Middle of the road

Many games take the history of Asian nations as their focus, from the Japanese combat-based Samurai Warriors series to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, which use the warring kingdoms of first-century China as their basis. The newest to enter the...

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