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Welcome to Crazy Golf, where seven different courses with six different holes will put your skills to the test.

Guide your ball to the hole, navigating tricky corners and avoiding wacky obstacles along the way. Accurate controls give you complete control over the ball. Play alone or challenge your friends in multiplayer mode and show them who’s the true champ.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Miniature golf, billiards and marbles all rolled into one

We've already seen a few attempts at golf on DSiWare, some obviously better than others, but we haven't seen one quite like Crazy Golf yet. Instead of merely sticking with a simple miniature golf gameplay theme, the developers have instead tossed in some...

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DSi921 said:

I would like a small mini golf game on DSi. That sounds nice. I hope its 200 pts. Simple would be OK.



Macaronius said:

Is it "so monumentally insane that it belongs in a mental institution golf", or is it simply, "crazy golf"? I will only settle for "so monumentally insane that it belongs in a mental institution golf".



advance_melee said:

I just downloaded it. Its pretty fun but its not your traditional golf sim. Its like trying to get a marble in a hole in whacky environments

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