Come On! Heroes (DSiWare)

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In a green field there is this small hill, and on the hill there are flowers... wait, where are the flowers!? Ok it must be the Heiress.

This lively Heiress snuck out of the family mansion, to follow a burglar out of curiousity. The burglar, Archer, decides to kidnap the Heiress immediately for ransom, and ordered his men to handle her with care. The Heiress is happy in Archer's mansion. She doesn't realize her position, so she orders the men around. In the meantime, her father (Mr.King) receives Archer's message and announced that anyone who brings back his daughter will receive a great reward. So a bunch of men, including those from other wealthy families, lead their men to Archer's mansion...

  • An action game that tests your reaction
  • Defend your "Lovely Heiress" with an assortment of weapons, such as fire wall, landmine, etc.....

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed


Hot on the heels of the similarly named Castle Conqueror - Heroes comes CIRCLE Entertainment's Come On! Heroes. It's similar in title only, however, as the gameplay and presentation hearken most closely back to the first Castle Conqueror game. This...

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GlasS said:

Absolutely. I like the self-satiring in the story. For 200 points, I'm genuinely interested. I'm not sure if I should get this or Castle Conquerors: Heroes. Guess I'll wait for that review.

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