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After you defeated the Mutant King, the Mutant Queen created a new land from the core of the Earth where she controls the other giant insects at her will.

Complete 10 new missions, fight your enemies and liberate the Scorpion Champion in order to defeat the Queen. Customise your giant insect, equip it with special powers and enhance your abilities. Challenge your friends who have the Nintendo DS version of the game to duels. Are you strong enough to win this Combat of Giants?

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If only we could squish this game under our shoes

Ubisoft seems to love its Combat of Giants series. With three retail DS releases and two DSiWare adaptations based on two of those retail titles already available, it was quite obvious that they were going to go for the full set.The third and hopefully...

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saitho95 said:

Sorry, but NO! Those games are bull. =(
Dragons.. okay, but mutant insects???? o_O

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