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Find your way around five major European cities with ease, and have fun, with this handy collection of transport maps.

These are two separate (but virtually indentical) DSiWare Apps:

Volume 1 features Paris, Rome, Dublin, Madrid and Lisbon.

Volume 2 features London, Amsterdam, Prague, Moscow and Berlin.

Both include routes for trains, subways, trams and airport shuttles (depending on the city). Scroll around the maps easily with the Touch Screen and Stylus, and search by line or station name.

But that’s not all. Drop markers onto favourite places, or attach a handwritten note to an interesting location. Snap a photo with the camera and pin it anywhere on the map – perfect for travelogues. Or take the Route Quiz and test your city transport knowledge!

Note: All the lines and station names in this software are correct as of June 2009. This also includes announced changes to lines or stations and changes to be made in the near future.

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Posted by Adam

Now you have no excuse for getting lost on a city break.

City Transport Map Volumes 1 & 2 contains ten travel maps in total and offers a selection of detailed routes for trains, subways, trams and airport shuttles. The maps vary in size depending on the city and different transport methods and specific...

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colmtheperson said:

Why only dublin? There's only 5 cities in Ireland it wouldn't cost them that much to put the rest in



Adamant said:

They'll probably release more volumes down the line.

I quite like this idea, actually. If you're going to one of these cities, a city map would end up costing you this much anyway, you get a slew of other maps at the same time, they're interactive and can be searched, they're handy to bring around and check at any time, and you won't lose them. Plus, you can get them ahead of time and plan your vacation properly.

@LEGEND MARIOID & colmtheperson: It's best to get the cities of most interest to tourists out of the way first. A collection of maps for all the cities in country X is largely only going to be of interest to those who live in that country.



darkblade99 said:

nintendo need to stop messing about and actually make somthing decent on dsiware like a skin for the dsi..... i doubt anybody would not pay 800 pts for a metroid style dsi skin (menus, buttons and sounds)

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