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California Super Sports is a collection of six unique games that are popular in the U.S., Croquet, Dodgeball, Lawndarts, Rollerblade, Shuffleboard Arcade and Target Football.

It’s located in sunny California, offering lots of fun and various experiences with a mixture of action, racing, and tactical games.

  • 6 unique sports games popular in America
  • 3D graphics
  • 8 cool chibi characters
  • Different difficulty levels of AI
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Entertainment for many hours
  • Play against 1 to 3 CPU opponents

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USA USA Version

Posted by Stephen Kelly

A bad sport

To understand what California Super Sports is, start with Wii Sports. Do you have the handful of mini-games fixed in your mind, complete with simple rules and bobble-headed athletes? Good; now trade in your Wii Remote for a DS stylus. Next, systemically...

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