Bounce & Break (DSiWare)

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In this Zen world, you will play in four different universes.

Each universe is divided into four seasons. The best two scores are saved in the Top Ranking table. Be the best player to enter this Hall of Fame. There are two different game modes: classical and orientation. Depending on which mode that has been selected, the game’s rules will change slightly. There are many different bonuses that can be collected during the game.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren


When you think "zen," odds are your mind goes to little bonsai trees and smooth rocks littered about. There might even be a small frog hanging out on a water lily as cherry blossom petals sprinkle the pond. When applied to a game you'd expect a...

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28greg said:

Yeah, it sounds alot like a really cheap arkanoid clone that would sell for 200 points. imo

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