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Take control of a bunch of penguins that are always getting into all sorts of trouble.

A cunning scientist abducted them from Antarctica, and now they need your help to get back home. Lead them safely through more than 100 frosty levels by using commands such as walking, jumping and waiting.

Guide them to avoid broken ice areas, falling cages, wolves and other dangerous obstacles. This special top-down-view puzzle game is easy to pick up but impossible to put down.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Like Lemmings, but in formal wear

Arctic Escape revolves around guiding a group of adorable little critters past obstacles and away from fatal hazards, herding them in an orderly fashion through an exit so that the next stage can load and you can do it all over again.Sound familiar? It...

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PikaPikaHugsx3 said:

I think that this game is way better on computer but I think it's pretty good for the DS too. Can be a bit difficult, but it's a great strategy thinker

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