Amida's Path (DSiWare)

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Discover a game with a unique gameplay and fascinating scenery.

The battle system based on the Japanese lottery game called Amidakuji, known as Ghost Leg in English, is perfectly adapted to the touch screen of the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS.

Draw lines with your Stylus in order to repulse the enemies and other lines to dodge their attacks!

A frenetic game with various enemies and levels which will make the experience different each time you play.

Interested in Japanese folklore?

Then this game is definitively for you with its story, characters, infamous demons and ghosts directly inspired from the Heian period in Japan which bring you 1000 years back in time.

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Posted by Lee Meyer

The road less traveled

DSiWare releases are becoming fewer and far between, but there are still some interesting titles to be found for the service, and they're all accessible thanks to the 3DS eShop. Collavier Corporation's Amida's Path is a creative, fun game that combines...

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theblackdragon said:

i beat the easiest difficulty level this morning... it's an interesting
game with an absolutely horrific translation, lol. we're talking worse than mid-90's Konami quality. the graphic style reminds me of Okami for some reason. i'll probably play through the harder difficulties tonight and see if the ending changes or if there are new things to fight. anyone else take the plunge? :3

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