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Alien Puzzle Adventure is a fast-paced, colourful and cartoony puzzle game, combining match-three gameplay with a humorous and quirky storyline.

The player is out to save the world from a mysterious chemical attack! Armed with Professor Weinstein's Pseudo-quark Generator Gun, the player must neutralise packs of differently-coloured quarks by matching three of the same colour, over the course of thirty-five stages. Can you help stem the tide and save the world?

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Connect three puzzle action returns to DSiWare.... again

Puzzlers are a dime a dozen on DSiWare. They range from connect three games like A Little Bit Of... Puzzle League to simple bubble-popping in Pop Plus: Solo. Now we have Alien Puzzle Adventure, Mastertronic's second title for the service. Does it do...

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slidecage said:

seems like it might be a nice game.. too bad it didnt come out at 200 pts. game hits Jan 17 in the states...

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