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Try your luck playing on three slot machines: Hawaiian, Pirate Treasure and Mexican Heat.

The one-armed bandits in "Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine" are not only uniquely themed, but also have different special table features: the number of reels, extra buttons and winning sequences. End your around-the-world trip and risk the remainder of a small fortune and luxury possessions. All you can do in Las Vegas is go for it!

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Posted by Jacob Crites

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

There's a reason slot machines are successful: they tease the player with the chance of winning it big. The idea that you can walk in to a casino with only a few pennies to your name and walk out a rich man has enticed people for decades, and the game...

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RantingThespian said:

Really, what is the point of a slot machine if you don't get any real money? In these ones, you put money in and it never ever gives you any back . . . oh wait, that is just like a slot machine.

Curse you one armed bandits!



Morpheel said:

So, the Hot one's got tacos, sauce and sombreros.

SO original.
No, really it's quite charming.



grumblegrumble said:

Well, at least its something we haven't seen on DSiWare before, and for that, I am grateful!!! xx



yodude said:

Just downloaded, you get a lot of visuals for 200 points, I am not a fan of slots, but you get a lot of "package" for your money with this one. I would recommend this if you have an extra 200 points, and can't figure what else to get at this price point . 8/10 based on the strong visuals. Hopefully there will be a video poker version like this in the future.

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