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99Bullets, a fun space shooter with retro look, where to lose a bullet is to lose a life, and to lose a life is to lose a bullet.

The galaxy IRATA 2601 is threatened by Black Eye and his minions. V-99 is ready to stop him with his 99 bullets.

  • Control V-99, avoiding, shooting and taking care of your 99 Bullets available on each level.
  • Arcade Mode like the classic arcades!
  • More than 10 levels of retro style!
  • Incredible final bosses!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Blast or dud?

The shoot 'em up genre hasn't exactly seen a lot of love on the DSiWare service to date, but EnjoyUp! Games is looking to change that with the release of 99Bullets. While the basic core of the game does revolve around an old-school shooter premise,...

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X-145 said:

This looks like a cool game. I'll wait for the review, first.



FonistofCruxis said:

After looking at the trailer and having played Little red riding hood's zombie bbq, I'm not surprised that this is by the same devs as the attack patterns of some of the bosses look similar.

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