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90's Pool Screenshot
90's Pool Screenshot


Release Date


  • 29th Mar 2012, 200 points (USA)

About This Game

Chalk up a victory with classic 90’s Pool, a fun and realistic pool simulator which will keep you playing for hours!

Compete against a human opponent or the computer, or play on your own in a campaign containing 20 different trick shot missions. The simple user interface lets you easily but accurately control the angle, speed and spin of the shot with your stylus. 3 different skill levels for the computer AI are available for advanced players as well as a realistic physics engine for a stunningly realistic simulation. Set up your shot, crack the cue ball into the pack and enjoy the entertaining gameplay! Hey, you might even improve your actual pool game.


  • Trick shot campaign with 20 missions
  • Simple interface with accurate control
  • Computer AI with 3 difficulty levels
  • Realistic physics engine