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An original concept and new intellectual property from Buena Vista Games, “Spectrobes” introduces two junior Planetary Patrol officers named Rallen and Jeena who learn of strange, prehistoric creatures called Spectrobes that possess special powers. These Spectrobes hold the key to defeating a vicious and merciless force that threatens to destroy the galaxy. The two heroes embark on a mission to save their galaxy – to do so Rallen and Jeena must excavate, awaken, train and collect all the Spectrobes they can. Developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS by Jupiter Corporation, “Spectrobes” is a dynamic new anime-inspired action RPG franchise that uniquely combines characters, story and innovative gameplay for kids and audiences of all ages.

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MindFever said:

1 Player mode??? I heard it is up to 16 players in Wi-Fi tournaments... it looks verry well done



ReaperBen said:

I played this when I was 6 and I still love this game and the 2nd one is cool to but this is the one that started it all theres also one on the wii I want to play it fukin make a newone now pleas

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