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30 years after the original SPACE INVADERS® ignited an entire entertainment medium and founded a gaming generation; players can now prepare to play the most extreme embodiment of the game ever created.

SPACE INVADERS EXTREME combines the captivating essence of the original game with a stunning alliance of futuristic graphic design and cutting-edge audio. The gameplay experience has been developed to maximise on the consoles’ abilities, offering players a whole new range of amazing features including a vast array of new power-ups, DS Wireless Communications and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


  • Futuristic, techno-inspired graphic design takes SPACE INVADERS to new heights
  • Interactive, totally immersive sound scheme where sound effects are synchronised to match the beats of the music
  • Wide range of amazing new power-ups
  • Play a friend with Nintendo DS Wireless Play
  • Challenge other players with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • High-Score table supported by Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Share the multiplayer fun from a single cart with DS Download Play

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jhuhn said:

This game has been released in the US region since June 17, 2008.




Best shooter game on the DS IMHO. I've pretty much played all the main, rated ones. I only own this and Big Bang Mini nowadays though

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