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Experience the race of your life as Ridge RacerTM comes to Nintendo DS with all the fast-paced action of the original arcade legend. With the unprecedented control and responsiveness of Touch Screen steering, as well as the wireless multiplayer mode for 6 player competitions, Ridge RacerTM is set to be the must-have driving game for Nintendo DS when it launches on 3rd June 2005.

Compete in the Grand Prix mode against 11 computer-controlled cars to unlock all 20 circuits and the Car Attack mode, where you go head-to-head against an opponent in order to win new cars. Ridge RacerTM also offers a Quick Play mode for instant racing and a Time Attack mode.

There are 32 playable cars in total, all featuring the Ridge RacerTM series' trademark drift handling. Each car has its own unique statistics (speed, acceleration, handling and grip), so players can pick the car best suited to their driving style. Most models are unlocked by competing in Car Attack mode, but certain secret vehicles can only be obtained by competing in wireless multiplayer with friends. Look out for the exclusive Nintendo and Namco character-themed cars!

The wireless multiplayer mode allows for the ultimate racing challenge. Up to 6 players can join together to compete in Multi-Card Play, with access to all cars and circuits. In Single-Card Play you only need 1 copy of the game to enjoy multiplayer fun with all of your friends.

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Mr-X9000 said:

well its simple... u must race ur car around the tracck before the time limit is up



Azikira said:

Possibly the worst racing game I have ever played. I'd rather go play Test Drive 2.

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