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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

A good adaptation with obsolete game design

It's tough to judge the classics, especially one like the original Resident Evil. Ground-breaking when it first hit the PlayStation in 1996, many of the game's mechanics are downright antiquated by now and can be off-putting to gamers who missed out on...

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kyuubikid213 said:

Great game. I just hate the Ink Ribbon saving system. It doesn't work for a handheld game. You really have to think HARD about when you want to use one. Do you save after playing for 5 minutes just because you dealt with 20 Hunters without getting touched and you don't want to deal with them again? Or do you play for another hour and risk getting killed by a cheap shot and losing all your hard work? Most times you will choose the latter so you CAN have an "extra" Ink Ribbon or two.

Would have loved it a lot more if it had a Resident Evil 4 save system. Keep the typewriters, lose the Ink Ribbons.



supermonkey117 said:

love the game been a fan since the epic release think they should throw all up to 4 on the 3ds pull off some of that 3ds magic again like zelda and starfox and revelations was just beautiful and considering it was a handheld game same with mercenaries 3d they just stood out from 4 and 5 in my eyes EPIC.

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