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In the midst of an unending war for dominance between two super-powers, Special Intelligence Agent Stocke is assigned to a routine escort mission that goes horribly awry.

However, wielding a mysterious book called the White Chronicle, Stocke discovers a way to travel to the intersection of time itself: Historia. With this power in his hands, he must travel back and forth through key events and an entirely alternate timeline to right the world's ill-fated course. The lives of his companions, the fate of nations, and the resolution of an impending disaster that now threatens the land all depend on Stocke's ability to discern the one "true" history.

Game Features:

  • Restore the True History--With the power of the White Chronicle, the crossroads of time is yours to traverse. Jump back and forth across various turning points in history in order to save your world from destruction.
  • Your Choices Matter--Difficult decisions face you at every turn. Who will you side with? Who will you choose to help? Your choices progress the story and bring you to drastically different ends. Return to previous choices to initiate changes whose effects ripple throughout the timelines.
  • Push Your Foes Around--Use the turn order and your special ability to manipulate the positions of enemies on the field to set up combination attacks and gain the upper hand.

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pixelman said:

This looks pretty tight. If the reviews are positive then I'm definitely picking this up.



Colors said:

Nintendo Power gave an in-depth feature on this, and the time-travel machanics are AWESOME!!! I'm expecting a 9/10.



Bassman_Q said:

The next Chrono Trigger, perhaps?

If its THAT good, then I'll have no choice but to buy it.



pixelman said:

This is the best DS game I've ever played. It's incredibly fresh, the story's well-written, and the music is some of the best I've ever heard in a video game. I wasn't expecting this kind of quality at all.



Nintenzo said:

I just bought this, and it's my favorite DS game! Everything about it is great. The dialogue is a little much at some times (some times characters can have a five minute long conversation) but it's very well written, so it's not a big problem.



RevolverLink said:

Hands down the best RPG for the DS. And the DS has had a lot of great RPGs.

Err, I should clarify, it's the best original RPG for the DS. Chrono Trigger is still very much in the running for the overall title. :p

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